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Looking to rent a multi-channel analyzer to collect proximity probe data from? 

Custom Machinery Solutions recommends:

VibRental LLC
Mr. Talmadge Ward

- Bently Nevada ADRE - 8 & 16 channel systems
- IO Tech ZonicBook - 8 to 56 channel systems
- CSI 2120-2 with all firmware options & 404 tach

Best rental price and great customer service.

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Custom Machinery Solutions has developed a removable proximity probe mount that allows direct measurement of shaft vibration via proximity probes without the high cost and time required to install permanent probes. 

Our device mounts directly on the machine bearing housings using high strength magnets and includes an adjustable bubble level protractor built into the mount to allow accurate placement of the probes at the desired angles.  Many other useful features have been incorporated into the product design to promote ease of use. 

Additional information on this product can be found by downloading the brochure from our website.  Check out our article in the new issue of Uptime magazine!